UNICORN 3D - Color by Number App Reviews

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Good, but..

This is a good app and I really like how it's 3D, but I did end up deleting it. The ads appear frequently and are starting to drive me crazy! I mean, come on!! Who would even have the THOUGHT of clicking on an ad that interrupts the gaming experience?!?! Anyway, another thing that I find sad is that the majority of the content is blocked until you purchase a subscription. This app, in my opinion, is targeted for the younger audiences. Do you think they can buy stuff on their phone? Do you think their parents would let them buy stuff on their phone? Think about it. If these two issues would be addressed, I would gladly re-download this app. 😊

I love this app!!

Hey i LOVE this app!😻


So so cool

It’s alright but...

What I want to know is why every pixel art app I get you have to get premium to do everything! Like I want to do a whole bunch of pixels on the same app but I can’t because more then half of them are for premium! What if someone has a really cheap phone and wants to do some pixels but they can’t buy the premium because they don’t have enough money! That’s what I am confused by! I can’t find one single pixel art app the you don’t have to be premium to do everything! So please don’t make people buy premium just so they can color all of the pictures! You don’t even have to undo all of the ones from premium but undo some of them so we have more to color! And why is there so many adds! The adds are really annoying and I don’t understand why there are so many! I hope you can respond to my request!

Mack a X-ray vison so people can come see


Unicorn 3D

It is amazing it helps me keep my mind busy


More should be free and I WILL NOT PAY more for pictures


It’s difficult and unfair

Stupid replacement for the original

I really liked the original app. But I guess its been deleted...? I’m still not sure, it just suddenly doesn’t exist and I’m unable to upload pictures into it anymore, even though I only downloaded the app 3 days ago. Anyway, since the original disappeared I thought I’d download this one. But apparently you can’t upload pictures to color in this one, or do anything unless you have the monthly subscription. I loved coloring pictures that I’d taken, I thought it was so cool. But oh well, guess I’ll have to find another coloring app 🤷‍♀️

Thank you 🙏🏽

Thank you for answering back!!! The adds are ok and not popping up like crazy 😜!! Also I hope you answer back!! I like how it makes a sound when not coloring in the right number!! I love ❤️ all of the pictures!! I love ❤️ Unicorn 🦄 3D!!!! It is so cool 😎!!!!!


It’s very hard sometimes

Love it

I love this game. People complain that pictures cost a lot of money but that does not bother me. And I love that you can actually move the picture around. For a whole day I looking for a color app like that and I finally found this one

What happened to the 2D one!!?

I like this 3D one and all but I want the 2D one back


Give more paintings

Only 16 free drawings

This app only has 16 free drawing out of 99 total so if you're not a VIP in this app/ paying to get more it's useless. I completed the app in 2hours. Waste of time


It is very fun.it helps you when your bored.so I recommend you get this app if you get bored a lot.😃


I think that this is a good game because it looks like it is in real life and kids can experience more about coloring


I just got the app/game and then it tells me if I want the membership to have all the pictures and stuff!Tell me why there so many with the membership but not a lot without the membership 😑!.

Nice work but a couple things

Good job on the game I think it is good for people that like art.i think the game is good cause you can do different stuff like different pictures.if you have a minute please respond.


I love the art work and when stuff is free

4-5 stars

This game is very fun but at the same time challenges you. I wish it was more pixel-y so it didn’t look like something from a children’s coloring book


Their are barely any pictures to color when you don’t have premium, and I know you can have a lot more because I have sandbox and other apps. You give us the crappiest pictures to color mostly only in the kid section and on top of that ADS ADS AdS ADS ADS


I love this game but THERE ARE NEVER NEW PICTURES and it is very frustrating because I want new pictures most coloring apps have new pictures every day and they have it like every 2/3 Months so I think they should just give us new pics a least every week

It’s new but it’s cool

This one is better than the other one.It is a little tricky about moving the screen but overall, it’s pretty fun!Thnx for inventing it this is awesome!!💜💜💜💜🙏🏼

Unicorn 3D

Amazing game!!!!

Best game of all the land

I have a game for me and you I think this will be a big hoot This is the best game of all the land If you’re having trouble I’ll lend you a hand.

It is so fun!!!!!!

Is so much like sand box and it's 3D so cool what else could you want.

I love this app

I don’t think I’m going to stop playing this app

Ad nation but fun

This game is very fun but if you can tone down the amount of ads because if I got a dollar everytime an ad popped up I will have a million dollars!

Can’t wait to do the ones I can only do

Most of the stuff is locked behind buying a pass.

Love it

I love this app so much it is so much fun and I love the unicorn app so much too this app is the best I ever had

Love it

I love it

Way too little content without premium

There is only one to two free levels in each category it’s just annoying


It was very glitchy and crashed.!

Unicorn 3D

I really like this app, can you plz make more it would be my dream come true🐥🙂🦄🐤🐣🐔🐺

There goes all of your money 💴

The app only lets you do like 4 coloring pages and then you have to pay for all the rest! It’s very annoying because you get and it’s so much fun and then you have to pay to EVERYTHING! IT’S SO ANNOYING 🙄🙄



Very good game but

Good game but I think u should let anybody color any picture

Zebbie love ❤️ your app

I like your Apple Watch I think it is very good I think you should put it on Facebook for this review on Facebook that my name is Zebbie and I like how you can make it in a three de form I think that is very cool so I think that is the end of my report so you can share this with the people who made the game and to the people who made the other one so I may see you bye-bye


This app is a great


Hardly ever any new pictures to color. Was fun at first, but no new contentment makes it a waste of money.

From a big fan of unicorn 3 d

I really like unicorn 3 d it is a awesome game and I just got it this morning and it was so awesome that I had to write a awesome report I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH!!!!!!


I love this app! It is the best!

Worst ever

I have Reyes everything and nothing worked to get my UFO to do a picture worst ever

How good

It’s so good I will so my family and friends

Make this

Make ones that are hard

Great job

Great job making this its fun and I completed the duck!

Love it

I love it!😏 I play it all day lol

Unicorn 3-D

I think this is a great game for kids like me because it helps me color with bright, Beautiful colors.It is great for 3-D for kids and grownups.

I liked this game but it is so much harder than I thought it was 🙂!

So I will rate 3 stars 😋.

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