UNICORN 3D - Color by Number App Reviews

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Why like this?

It’s a great game and I love how you can color just by using numbers but it didn’t have the AR button anywhere even when I went to see if it’s locked or not I didn’t find any thing I love this game but pleas fix this problem PLEAS FIX IT🙏🙏🙏🙏

This game is cool

This game is kinda weird but cool

Meh not bad...

It’s ok

Worst game

You have to pay money for this all except some


My daughter used this app for maybe 3 days. I just realized that I was charged $9.99 plus tax per week for 12 weeks. I can’t find a customer service number anywhere.

Awesome but expensive

I love this app but i don't like that you have to pay for a FREE trial. It's just way too expensive for me!


I just got this app yesterday and I LOVE it!!!!

Cancelled Subscription and Was Still Charged?!?

I don’t know if I made a mistake when cancelling my subscription to the trial after not really liking the game too much, but this app charged me and I hadn’t signed up for any services aside from the free trial. I had deleted the app from my phone and had long since forgotten about it and now I can’t download any apps because there is a charge on my account that I can’t pay for right now and shouldn’t have to because I DIDN’T SIGN UP FOR THE $9.99 WEEKLY PLAN!!!

The reviews

My review is that it’s a girl doesn’t take too long it’s nice and at the bunny is very cute or didn’t like about it is that what you want to see Mount Acadia‘s and work and what is nice and the only the second day out like about it the only house for black look for three little black dots that you have to color and I should’ve are you becoming an aunt to look like a Claritin and that’s all and I like the rest of it it’s pretty nice and the bunny is cute and I wouldn’t regret drawing this I give this app a 100*you it’s very nice you should check this out on what this game is called aunt yeah I just wanna do is color me calm and it’s 3-D art so it’s kind of awesome too so check this out 👀🙏✍🏾



Unicorn 3D



I think this very relaxing and fun and helps if you have had a stressful week or day and it keeps you occupied for a while this is the reason I like no not like I mean love this app


This is a GREAT game,, I gave this game TWO stars, because MOST of the artwork available, must be paid for on a monthly trial... If you are the creator of this game, and you see this review, please take in consideration to add more free artwork on your next update of the app.


Este juego es muy padre porque es mejor colorear en 3D porque te da mas imaginación.

Unicorn 3D

This game is so awesome i ma always playing it

Color app

I like this app because it is easy and nice it has good pics and shows you the pic that you drawled at the end of the drawling


you should buy it because it is a good game you can put hats on friends and family

Why this game is so cool

This game is cool cuz it has lots of things to color or we can send on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram this game is very nice you have to try it kids plz you can color new pictures or you do anything that’s why I love this game goodbye have a nice day.

Terrible ads

Awful! Has ads that hijack your game, you can’t click the X button to exit the ad, or it will send you to that ads page. This game lost my ad revenue to the game that had the ad that wouldn’t let me close it out. Maybe if the user could close ad ethics wouldn’t be s problem...

This is such a poo game

I hate this game I want it to blow up Caus I love poo I want a poo game instead ha ha ha

it is cool but it isn’t that much like 3D but I really like it.


Great! But needs one more thing

I love this app! But a lot of the things cost money. Could you lower that a bit? And also this needs an import so that we can import like most pixel art apps have. If so, thanks Sincerely, Izzy

Best game

I like this game because it’s creative because the 3-D AR is really cool but there’s one thing that I think is stupid is that why do you have to pay to color almost all of the painting I mean like kids use this game they don’t have money and their parents probably won’t want to pay for one coloring example. Sincerely,JLAVEY

The best

This is the greatest ever,,

I hate it😡😤😡!!! Read this!!!

It's a pain in the butt. THE ADDS ARE SOOOO ANNOYING!!! THEN THE WORST PART IS THAT YOU CAN'T GET BACK IN THE GAME ONCE YOUR IN A ADD!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 Oh, also the three day trials, more and more people are just going to delete the app once they find out that their trial is over! Soooooooooo, I would 1. Listen to what I'm saying 2. Fix the stupid adds and trials and 3. Come up with new ideas to get the money 💰 from the people who get this game!!! Now, this game is my least favorite game on my phone. I like all the patterns and the colors, but that's it. I'm screaming this next part at you, "FIX THIS GAAAAAAAAME!!!"


I love this game so much it is so awesome 🔥


Unicorn 3D is the best thing on the planet!!!!!!! I ❤️ unicorn 3D!!!!

The best game ever

This game is the best game ever because it is 3D I love it. I also love to draw so it works out perfect


Hi I think you should have some music or something that is musical in the back round because it’s boring

Amazing Game

Is the Best game if you’re bored just color like it helps so much and the best part is you get better coloring techniques I love the game 🤩

Love your game

I love love you and your game

I like it!

I just can’t stop playing this game

I like it



I crept trying to get the free till but every time it says oops some thing gone wrong so please and it dose not let me do any 3D stuff so not fair


This app is the best when your not feelin well


Me gusta



It’s a good game but....

It’s a good game but u have to pay for other drawings which is mostly all of them


The game is awesome but I can’t get the picture to face me table because I can’t get the camera to turn around


Alright, so I’m bored high school student who was on Instagram and I saw an app for anti stress colouring and the app looked really fun. So I get it, and I notice I’m given a small amount of things to color. Whatever, right? And then I get a pop up saying I can get three days free and then 10.99 for after that as for which I planned on canceling my trial right before it ended anyway (as for which Apple does that automatically when you delete it which I did) . So I play it and get bored because it really isn’t my cup of tea for a game and I delete it. I try to update an app and I can’t because the app shows that I owe ten dollars and sixty four cents. As for which I didn’t even keep the app on my phone for that long. It automatically billed me! I used a gift card with no money on it to get a free trial! 😡😡😡

The best thing

The app is the best app I’ve played ever!


It is great. I love it it is so much fun and I play it all the time.Day and Night.it is so awesome

Need help to unsubscribe

My daughter downloaded this game and uninstalled and they keep taking $9.99 a week

Cool, but.....

Okay, ao love the app or well the adds that popped up for it atleast, but when I got the app, I didn't know how to stream things from it. Watched the add again, she peesses an AR button at the top of her screen. I didn't see one of those! Um hello, help please! Out of all the apps I have, this one earned my leat favorite!😒🙄

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I really love this game.It,s cool and fun I don’t like how much you have to buy I like games to be free and you don’t need to buy anything.now that is cool and what I call free.

No more

I love this app! But after finishing all of the free designs it seems that there will be no more. I’ve waited over 2 months and still nothing new! I guess it was fun while it lasted 🤷🏻‍♀️

i love it 😍

It is so much fun

Wants to charge me 9.99 a week?

It claims 2.99 a week (still crazy) and now claims it will charge me 9.99 a week (a WEEK!!!!!!)...sorry, absolutely not

Good game but.....

I love this game but, I wish that you didn’t have to buy the full version of the game but otherwise than that I love it😍😀😀😁



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