UNICORN 3D - Color by Number App Reviews

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This game is so awesome. It’s so relaxing and fulfilling.

Good game

Good game


It’s fun and I cannot stop

Where is the AR mode

I was told there would be an AR mode, and I have played for several months and there is still no AR mode that I can see. So please creators of this game I love it but I don’t know if you put an AR mode in it but it’s still a fun game and I would totally recommend it. Thank you if you made it this far, and I will still play your game. Goodbye.



Thank you for everything

Gr💋👧🏾hhhhjj Bhdhdhrhhh Hdhehhfhgfghrj 👄👄👄👄👄


For some reason when I open the app a second time it doesn’t want to continue from the logo loading page

This is a scam...

My daughter got it thinking it was free and I am paying $10 a week on. It is a silly kids app and even after deleting off her phone I am still getting charged. Don’t purchase!!!

Read it trust me

Hi if you’re reading this please go outside and get a life!😫

One Star

You have to unlock almost EVERYTHING. It is annoying!


When I wanted to play the app it was on the loading page for 1/5 houres. An to top it all off almost all the paintings wher locked. 🤬😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠


I was just playing and at the top if you see a flashy mail icon and click it don’t click anything after that and just don’t click it my mommy has taught me well and it said “your iPad has been chosen to get a free $1000 gift card” it’s a lie don’t click it and if you did click the thing but not anything after that close and delete the app I thought it would be cute but no sure it is cute but what’s not cute is people trying to hack my ipad DO NOT DOWNLOAD

This game is so awesome!!!!

I love this game it is so much fun and it is a great game.even though it’s a lot like the other one it is so much fun.

Too many adds

Every time you try to do something there is a add

I fttcre the xsrs xd s six sx s. R. Sets x

That means I love it!


It fun.

It’s pretty fun

It’s fun but you have to pay for everything. The thing i liked the most was the animals

Time killer

When I’m bored I love too color so this is a good app

I love this game

I like the ar and 3D models it’s so so so so awesome and cool I mean why would someone not download this it’s so so so so fun



There trying too track you...

So I started playing this for like 5 mins and I get something that said you got 1000$ gift card and I was like uhh then I asked my mom if she got it on her phone and she said no it’s a scam there trying too track you down so delete this app

Unicorn 🦄 3D

Unicorn 3D is 😃😃😃😃😃😄😃😃😃😃😃

Fun game but much adds

This game is so much fun I love it but there are way too much adds

Love it😍

This is amazing I solo love it there is no reason you shouldn’t get this game.


Wow is all I can say


متعب اانه d3 لكنه مبدع وحلو والشغل نظيف 😂 ويفتح ال🧠🧠مخوخ فاهمين اكيد 😂🧐🤓😎🤩👍🏼😹


Lots of fun pictures to color in rotate in all different ways this is better than fortnight and that’s really saying something.super relaxing!100000 percent recommended🦄🦄🦄❤️❤️😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩😘😘


I only like this with four stars because I have to load up some of them that I want and I don’t think that is fair but I do like it like it


We have deleted the app but are still being charged. Please explain how to shut off the payment!!!! Very Frustrated!

I don’t like this game

It’s very very stressful I don’t like it


Perfect I just wanna zoom in and out but it’s ok!❤️

It’s fun

It’s fun

Not user friendly

My child ordered this game without my consent, there is no area to turn off auto renew, there is no account settings on the pages she has. This is not good.

Good game

Is a little bad with the colouring because of the turning but is is a very good game to play in boring places

Are you insane?!

Have you lost your mind or something?! This app looks pretty cool and my daughter was excited to play. I’d have no problem spending a few bucks to buy the app and let her deal with the ads but this is disgusting for the App Store.

Good awesome game 👍🏻

I’m so addicted to this game you have to download this app you can take pictures with the art I really recommend this app

Limited pictures

This is a good app.But when I was looking in the App Store in the pictures it showed your coloring thing and you could take a picture WITH IT.And it gave me no option to do that.And if you don’t buy the pack for everything you have like 10 pictures to color. Please respond developer🐳

Good game

I just wish that there are more pictures to color

Make up

I love 3-D because he shows me how Dylan did numbers

Please delete your purchase

Please delete your purchase


The game is so funn

I love unicorn

It is a awesome game and so relaxing

Fun game


Best game and app ever

I love the way you made this game it is so much better then the Color life and it’s amazing and awesome so are you



Love it

I love everything about this app!!

The Worst App Ever

I can’t even cancel the subscription, its is a real problem after more than 5 weeks trying cancel 😠.



Unicorn 3D

I love it.



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