UNICORN 3D - Color by Number App recensioner

It is okay

It is okay


I love both the color by number and 3 d! There my fav games!

The Ukulele Boy

Once upon a time, the boy named Nagar was a six-year-old ukulele player. It was the new white ukulele. Sometimes he saw chicken laying on the farm. He sings this song: “Ukulele, ukulele, make this rhyme, rock, rock, rock, until made a sound, keep on playing! Ukulele, ukulele, make this rhyme!” The animals came to see him. “Aww, thank you, thank you!” He said.

Unicorn app

I love the game

Love this

Love 3D guys😘😘😘😘

Best game ever!

Great game with limitless possibilities! I ♥️🦄!

Unicorn 3D

This game is perfect for me. Every time I get home from school I play it!🤩😀😁😃😄😊😆🙂😎🤓🤤😜😛🤪😝😅😍😋!


This is a great game

So good 👍🏻

I loved this game so much lt is so addicting lol 😻

Not 4+ app

The adds on this app are inappropriate for a 4 year old kid. Slot machines, black jack, couples kissing...that’s how predators start to plant seeds in our children! I will be reporting this app and deleting for sure!

To much

There are way to many unavailable pictures, you have to keep scrolling just to find ONE that’s available. I don’t want to pay $10 a month just to colour the cool ones. I want to be able to colour a little more than what’s available. It seems like a cool app but the ones I can colour are kind of lame!

It’s really fun!

I love this game , I like coloring and filling in the numbers. I’m in love with the AR . I can move to the number I fill in , instead of sitting around I can just walk to the number and fill it in. Great thinking!! 😁 -Holly


Awesome thanks so much for the app I am playing


Love the 3D but hard to get the blocks touched.

My review

It takes a few minutes to do but it’s worth it at the end

Inappropriate ads

My 4 year old son LOVES this game and unlocking the different “characters “. However, I noticed an advertisement for a violent game called Kick the Buddy (basically encouraging people to mutilate this stuffed animal in horrible ways...) and I believe that if this game is rated 4+, then the commercials should be age appropriate as well! Otherwise I would give this a 5 star rating since my son enjoys it so much. You do have to pay for some content, but there is enough free content to keep my son busy for a long time, or you can just watch videos to get more free stuff. Update** The company reached out to me and said they would go through their ads and remove the violent or inappropriate ones.

I love this game I can't stop playing it

Thank you for your good work and I love your work for the good Pictures!!!!!! I'm so happy for the night and day!!!!!!

I love this game but you have to pay.......

I love to use this game but I have to pay for at least 80% of them now I can only do the ones I get daily. You shouldn’t be greedy and make us pay just so you will get money

Don't download

Don't download the game the game it is bad all the coloring things you have to color they only cost 7.99 together.The game is stupid

Best game

This is the best game it’s so much fun all of u guys should don load this

Cool app

This app is cooler than roblox

Favorite game

What a fun game to play. I’ve never wrote a game review because I thought there was no need to. Now I’m loving this game and knew I needed to. Best game ever! 5 stars,😁

One thing I would add

I love this app. It’s really amazing. But we can all agree that if you want the really good pictures you need premium. Now before you stop reading this, I’m not going to complain about the prices. I have coded before and I know how much work it takes to code an app like this. Considering the apps features I feel like the prices are fair. But there are some pictures that I really want to color but don’t want to pay for premium if I just want that one picture. This goes for the original Unicorn coloring app too by the way. What would be really awesome is if there was a point system. Users could earn points for opening the app every day, finishing pictures, watching ads and completing other tasks. Then when you build up enough points you can unlock pictures. I feel like this app truly is amazing as is but like the title says this is just one thing I would add. Thank you for reading this review and I hope you will take my suggestion into consideration. Have a nice day. :)

Luv dis app

So amazing I just wish that everyone could color all of the things that they have to color

I just can’t believe It

I just can’t believe it is so fun and fun and amazing

Love it😍😍😍

This game is so fun and I have no words to express my love for this game you do coloring that is in 3D and you get to pick your drawing that you want to color 5stars

It’s okay...

It’s fun, but, I don’t like how you have to spend money each week! So it’s okay...

Good day

Whalen I downloaded this app it was. Awesome and very fun but it cute to so yeah like the game 5 stars it’s awesome trust me



It’s ok....

I like the idea of 3D coloring but I don’t really like this app for three reasons. 1. You don’t get to color that much if you don’t buy the unlimited access 2. Coloring isn’t great, I try to color but it turns it so I think the creators need to fix this problem because it gets annoying. 3. TOO MANY ADS!!! The things that gets me most annoyed is the ads are constant every time I finish coloring they give me an ad even when your looking through to choose something you want to color there are still ads I think the creator should do something about this it’s ridiculous.

What I think

This is the coolest game ever

It's good but 😬

I mean it's a good app but I wouldn't think it could break top ten .It is hard to finish it because it is 3D .And the you should allow us too do more -Rowan Kent

Great way to flex your fingers

Color color color! I love flexing my fingers using this app.


I like your game but the game Sandbox it's free.


So awesome and fun like omg

Love the game

I love the game so mush plz make more of these they are awsome


It’s so cool I love this is the best app ever


This app is so realxing love it

جميل البرنامج لو بدون فلوس خمس نجوم❤️


I loved it



It would be a better game if everything wasn’t locked


It’s as horrible as call of duty 1. First of all, there’s so many ones you have to pay for!! Second, it glitches too much!! Third, not really any ar on mine, which for everyone else, has it!! If it would let me, I would rate it a 0.. 😡😡😡🤬

Really! It never loads!

I could only do ONE picture because this game never loads! It took forever. if you do not have a lot of patience do NOT get this game.

Awesome game

I Love Your Games Download Awesome Game Yes No Defense Definitely Download This Game Yes You Will Love It

To unicorn

This is so fun!!

To long and why?

It takes to long to make one and their aren’t a big variety of items to draw if u don’t but the pack so u can do them all. And the hints should be unlimited. I think this would make the app way better, also the bucket poor thing should be 20 in one video seeing how long it takes to complete one in general. This is what I think would make the app way better and more people would use it also because there will be a bigger selection of 3D drawings to make

Really Great but glitchy

This app is really fun but kind of glitchy. It is also kind of hard to control the picture that you’re coloring. I wish that the pictures had more colors. Despite this, overall the app is great.👍👍👍👍

This is the best game ever

Good job

Really good time waster

This game is sooooo fun if u want to waste some time u should really get it and by the tine ur finished it will probably be like 3hours later and it sooo relaxing U should get it please I promise u will love it

Unicorn 3D

I am just loving this game my hole fam loves it to

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