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Wow.. 10$ my i phone is out of vericatian thx m8 sorry but im really mad

READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This game is so fun!Its 3D and when you pick something out to color when you get it all colored you can take a picture of somebody!!! It’s a relaxing game and if you go to Farmersville Mt.Vernon Indiana you know this girl Alison in third grade 2018 but back to the game it’s the best game in the history of best coloring games so if I were you I would get this game!(And if you were wondering this is an age appropriate game because I know there are moms out there who check the games to make sure they are age appropriate.Just thought I mentioned that!)


Привет я б вам заделала подарка

Game is my name

Awesome thanks for the game I love it

I love this game!!!!!!!

This is literally the best game I have ever played, also the most relaxing I LOVE IT 👏🏻❤️💕


It is pretty good but it has too many stops

Aubrey pilgrim

My kid loves the game she plays it every day she wants to know who made it she just loves the game.

Love it! But...

Could you please make it so we can make our own art to? I have so many ideas for things that I could make! If you can’t do this then that is fine but if you can please try. Thank you.

Totally awesome

I created this from my heart because I love animals 👰🏻👰🏻

Boo hoo but ok

You get a 3 day time to play the game

Umm I don’t know

I don’t like how you can’t zoom out all the way and cooler.

Color stars

It helps you to stay in the line.

So cool

I just got the message that the game was cool so I got it and I like how it works my mom says she likes it too and my dad said he liked it

I am loving this

This is a awesome game I can play this 247

I love this game

it’s so Relaxing


I like the app but how do you get to the AR thingy? I can't find it.


This game is amazing any kid would want to have it .

Unicorn 3D

This game is so fun I like it so much!!!😄😄😄

Block ads for free

There are apps called ad blockers just search it up on youtube

Pretty good rating

It’s a great game but I’m kind of mad that they didn’t let you put the figure in A photo.

OK I’m done

Hey developers did you make A crash for me on purpose well it happened when I downloaded that app can you please give me some help over here if you do thank you

From Chloe

I love you people who made unicorn 3D

Love it

This app is so amazing and really relaxing I would definitely recommend you download this enjoyable app


OMG is was awesome and like trendy

Non premiums need more privledges

I don’t have a premium and I can barely color anything interesting. It would be better if you made non premiums have more privledges.


I love this app so much I would marry it!!!!😍❤️❤️👍👍👍👍👍✅✅✅✅🆒

Cool but just not what I’m looking for

I know that color by number stuff is nice,yeah but I like when you can color things yourself because then you don’t have to hate it or think it’s too much,you can make it just right


I love this app and it is super fun! I do wish though, that this 1000 dollar gift card thing would stop bugging me. Also, I love the 3D stuff, but I was hoping for more of a variety of things to color. Please note what I have in mind, thank you.

Scam! The worst! It will charge you $10 a week!

Don’t download. It will charge you $10 a week to play and it’s very difficult to cancel if you have a family account. Never seen a scam like this.

How do I unsubscribe?

Where are the “user settings” to unsubscribe?????


Fun coloring app

Unicorn 3D

Color to colors

Terynn graham😋😋😛

This is awesome totally .

Don’t be fooled

I bought this app and was so happy and exited to try it out since it said no in app purchases yet, to my disgust, I see that it says supcription. $9.99 per week I’m pretty sure it said. But I’m not completely sure because I DELETED IT STRAIT AWAY!!! This was an awful start to the morning.


I loved it can you make more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cute but too expensive

My 7 year old daughter likes this and I think it’s fun. But a $40 per month subscription is way way way too expensive. I gave her 1 week for $10 but there is no way I can keep paying that much.

Cancel the buying

What should I do to cancel the app and don’t payed for this anymore?

It is very calming but it can be very stressful

I love this app i do it every time i have a big test. It can be frustrating because when you ate colouring the angle changes out of nowhere and it makes you sign up for a-lot of thing and i don't have a email and my doesn't what to set one up. But it is my favorite app on my ipod😛

Bad and unprofessional service

I am very disappointed about this apps. My three years old daughter somehow downloaded this game. And they take money from my credit card without any notification. even though the game is uninstalled from the device. the took $55 from my credit card. If its possible I really want my money back and i will recommend please do change your system. At list sent the email for confirm the payment. I am sorry to say its kids of stilling money. Thank you.

Starting error

I have really enjoyed this app and it helps with stress relief but lately the app has had issues even opening. It just sits on the opening screen and says, “Unicorn 3D”. Every so often it allows me to open the app. I enjoy the app and would like to be able to use it every day but sometimes I can’t with this issue.

3D pixel art

I like the game but I don’t like doing the 3D but at the same time I do like doing 3D! So thank you for making this game although I don’t really like. But still thank you!😇


Ho ever did this thank u and we all love this game and we all appreciate it and ya love aleen

I love it

I ges’t got it yesterday and I already love it I also Iove your other game which made me whant to get this one


Because you’re a bunch of idiots that I don’t like

Lol unicorn squad 🍭🍬🤷🏼‍♂️🧜🏼‍♀️🦄💍🌈💐😂😍😎😻

This game is fun but when I first got on all the good ones are locked

This game is amazing!!!!!

I love Unicorn 3D! It is amazing and there are so many pictures to color. There are just too many pictures to unlock. CoraLynn, age 6

Mi reseña

Este es el mejor juego que he jugado no lo puedo dejar de jugar 😇

My options


Best picture ever

I like unicorn 3D it is my life like me from Esmeralda

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